L.A. Clippers' "Chuck The Condor" A Big Win for Converse

The Los Angeles Clippers revealed their new mascot, Chuck the Condor, and immediately got blasted on social media.

The Clippers are no doubt taking a lot of heat right now, but owner of the Clippers, Steve Ballmer, is a smart dude. Keep in mind, the name of the mascot is Chuck and the mascot is rockin’ big red Chuck Taylor’s. 

Here’s what we can assume:

  1. Converse is involved
  2. Converse wrote a big check
  3. Converse had approval on the mascot.

If you are Converse this “outrage” is EXACTLY what you wanted to happen. 

You have people talking about this on Twitter, sharing pictures of the mascot, laughing at it, you know that SportsCenter is going to run with it, SportsNation, local radio and people are going to be talking about it around the water-cooler.

And guess what you will see as the main focal point?

Big Red Chuck Taylor’s

Converse can expect an increase in sales in red Chuck Taylor’s in the immediate future and also keep in mind Converse paid a pretty penny for this “activation”.  

Negative publicity was the goal all along.

– David Brickley