20 Social Media Updates You May Have Missed


Snapchat is developing an algorithm to help brands. http://onstn.biz/1RbMFeH

Snapchat had another video update. http://onstn.biz/1QB61d4



A Tweet’s actual shelf life lasts 18 minutes.  http://onstn.biz/1rS6KSC  

Twitter video proves more lucrative than Facebook. http://onstn.biz/1SQg3hY  



This playbook will help you step up your Instagram Advertising.  http://onstn.biz/1QB5yaF  

A quick look at Instagram’s new analytics. http://onstn.biz/1TbaYxU  

Why it’s important for your brand to “re-gram” customers.  http://onstn.biz/1T7XMNv

Instagram is rolling out new features to help small businesses. http://onstn.biz/1Zbcp17



Three things you need to know about Facebook’s 10-year plan.  http://onstn.biz/1pG5IaK

Facebook switches page management and posting options. http://onstn.biz/1SsO327

Facebook might be working on the next Snapchat. http://onstn.biz/1QB55oZ



Your ultimate ad dimension cheat sheet for social. http://onstn.biz/1Tx3cOH

Four important things YouTube promised advertisers. https://t.co/d3LTe1U8LM

Everything you need to know about YouTube’s VR app. http://onstn.biz/1Ro0d79


General Tips

Companies should focus on a master brand strategy over individual product lines. http://onstn.biz/1Tx3vsZ  

Why Reddit is the second most trusted social site for news. http://onstn.biz/1XzSp9L

Why you should spend money on social advertising. http://onstn.biz/1pG5i4e  

Five ways NFL rookies are branding themselves on social media and what you can learn from it. http://onstn.biz/1TvxJ2U

Storytelling is the key to creating viral content. http://onstn.biz/1TPKvpG

Pandora campaigns may be your best option to get your messages heard. http://onstn.biz/1TYQHJb