A Look Inside Nike's Marketing Strategy with John Paik


John Paik, Executive Marketing Consultant, joined the show to talk about his time working on the Nike marketing team, his favorite campaigns and activations that he was apart of and what makes Nike's brand so unique. 

He discusses marketing 101 and why brands need to really understand and focus on their consumers and get to know them. How to take risks and do things a little differently to make your brand stand out. Why does your consumer buy your product and what sets you apart from the competition?

Here are the highlights:

[15:20]: Do Brands Understand Who Their Consumer Is?  


“I'm a little old school in the sense of go out there and talk to consumers. With the new age and tech and social media go through that way and talk to consumers. Or maybe go out there as a group and spend a day with the consumer. Nike does that actually still to this day, we call it "consumer dig" where we go out there and meet a consumer and spend a whole day with them. Just to see why they do it what they do, why they love our brand or why they love our competitor's brand.

Because of the fact that it's the voice of the consumer as well as we consider the consumer the athlete. I really try to educate brands to really focus on who your consumer is and then kind of draw that brand journey or brand consumer map, helping them realize who that is and how to go beyond that and be able to tell a great story.