Running Social for the Denver Broncos with Ben Hunt


Director of Digital Media for the Denver Broncos, Ben Hunt, joined the business of social to discuss what it's like running all things social/digital for an NFL team.

How do you shift your approach for a losing season vs. a winning season? What would you do with unlimited budget? Ben gives his take on how the team handles should be managed, what it's like to spike up for a game day, and the "arms race" that has become schedule release day.

How do you handle a new platform like TikTok or IGTV? Do you dive in head first, or let others test the waters for you?

Here are the highlights:

[15:20]: What are the Top 3 Ways Brands Should be Utilizing Twitter?” 


David: “How Do You Handle a New Platform Release like a TikTok or an IGTV? How do you make the decision whether to invest in those or not?”

Ben: We don’t typically want to be first movers in the space. I know there’s a lot of people that always want to be in the first new thing when it comes out, but I want to be able to look into it first.

We need to use our resources that are gonna best benefit us and our fans, right? If its TikTok, IG Stories or IGTV. it may not always be effective for us to go full boar on one. We want stick our toe in the water and check it out, but it’s not something we want to get tied to and get our fans invested in, and then it’s something we have to pull the plug on. Thats not good for anyone!”