Building A Team to Crush Social with Tyler Price


On this episode Tyler Price, Director of Content, Social Media at Turner Sports stopped by to discuss a variety of topics from being forward thinking and taking risks on social to weaving your content into a linear broadcast.

He discusses the joys and challenges of overseeing a large social brand and why it's so important to hire the right people. Whats one he always looks for? People who like to solve problems and find creative work-arounds aka Solution Oriented Thinkers.

Here are the highlights:

[12:05]: Solution Oriented Thinkers and The Importance of Hiring the Right People


It's tough to sell individuals with a lot of experience on taking a role most likely for less money at a company who's still figuring themselves out. So you have to identify unique candidates who maybe don't have your traditional qualifications. We really aggressively started looking for what we call solution oriented thinkers. And what that means to me is like when you present someone with a problem, the way they look at it is not "Well here's all the hurdles and here's why we shouldn't". It's "Here's all the hurdles, here's three different ways we can get around those"

[23:15] B/R Football and How To Overcome Challenges Like not Having Access To Highlights


They're incredible over there. They became a lead social brand around a sport when they didn't own any rights, which is really impressive. It harkens back to the agency days for me where we had to find a way to tie into the Super Bowl without having any rights to the Super Bowl. How do you do that creatively, which is a huge challenge.

And when you make something that works it feels really really good. So I think B/R Football did that consistently and they produced a ridiculous amount of content with that formula and it just always really impressed me. That level of creativity is very challenging to make any work. To make great work is even more impressive and that's what they do.