How to Succeed at Branded Content with Dana Droppo


Dana Droppo has seen and done it all. She has been a blogger, marketer, producer and a creative director. She's worked at Super Deluxe, Complex and is now VP, Creative Director Brand Partnerships at Billboard. If you want to know what it takes be an expert in all things content, Dana's got you covered.  

On this episode, we talked with Dana about what it takes to consistently produce high level branded content and what brands should be doing to provide value to their followers as well as their sponsors.

Here are the highlights:

[12:41]: How do you monetize in an organic way that’s not too much in your face?


Organic works the best. I don't have to tell you that. Everyone who is in this business or interested in this business knows that. But its really hard to make that all come together. So I feel like if there is not an opportunity that's like OMG this is so perfect how did this land in our lap? You want to create synergies that are going to be unexpected.

So when I talk about home depot as a potential partner for hot ones not that one to one. But everything that you need to build out the set from Hot Ones you can buy at home depot. Right? You can naturally integrate the product in that way.

So I am a really firm believer in sort of creating connections where they don't naturally exist to the naked eye. I think that its more about what is the similarity of what this target consumer cares about? And what this audience cares about and thinks is funny. And how can we bring those things together.

[37:29]: What are some different ways you handle sponsored posts?


That is why I think that hiring is so important. Right? Because, if I came to a social manager and said were gonna do 16 tweets for Papa Johns every month and they said oh my god... thats awful how do i ever do this? I'm just gonna tweet about pizza deals. I would be like... why do you have this job?

There are so many ways that we can do this that are funny. Lets meme it, make custom gifs out of it, lets do a sweeps where we surprise someone with 16 of the pizzas in the same day. That can be one month. Lets do some AB testing with different types of animations ...

Everything is a tool and there is always a creative solution. For something that is either heart felt, or funny, or thought provoking or at least pretty. There is value in that.