How a TV Show Builds a Brand with Danny Corrales


Producer of "The Jump" on ESPN, Danny Corrales, joined the Business of Social to discuss how linear programming has changed with the existence of YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and IGTV.  Danny gives his thoughts on how much networks should value linear views vs. digital/platform views.

What if your ratings are down on linear, but sky rocketing on YouTube? What changes do companies need to make to allow their content to be accessible 24/7 and across 4 different platforms and how does this effect the needs of sponsors and partners?

Here are the highlights:

David: ” I’ve watched 100’s of segments of “The Jump”, but only on YouTube. And I’m wondering in 2019, from a network perspective, is that a good statement, bad statement or somewhere in-between?”

Danny: “I would say the fact that you’ve watched that many segments is a good thing no matter what. I’m kind of platform agnostic, in the sense that as long as you’re tuning in thats fine by me. But of course, our best financial situation is someone who tunes in and watches the full show and all of the commercials. That’s just what we want first.

But - that doesn’t mean we don’t share dozens of clips from the show on YouTube and on The staff thats in charge of those clips is very aggressive and wants to get them up as soon as possible, because they know that it’s resonating”