How the Chicago Bears are Revolutionizing Social with Jen Tulicki

Jen Tulicki is the Director of Social Media at the Chicago Bears. She has an incredible understanding of the social media world which started for her when she became the Team Leader at Target and later transitioned to their Social Communities Specialist.

On this episode, Jen digs into the social strategy behind the content at the Chicago Bears and how they communicate with their avid fanbase.

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Here are the highlights:

[1:40] When it comes to social, what is your core belief when you dig into your strategy at the Bears?


"At the core of everything that we do is our fans. We approach our strategy from the fan's perspective. That goes for everything we do whether it's winning or losing. We really try and take on their mindset and communicate with them in a way that's approachable and conversational."


[29:57] What is the one social or marketing tool that you cannot live without?


"Right now CrowdTangle is a big one in terms of understanding how our content is performing and how it's being received. We also use Spredfast a lot too. Tweetdeck is where we listen and that's open for anyone to use."