How the NFL Continues to Increase Fan Engagement with Josh Tucker

Josh Tucker’s had stops at Golden Boy Productions, the Lakers, the Dodgers, WME/IMG and is now the Director of Social Content at the NFL. He’s climbed his way from hitting the publish button on social feeds to the guy that oversees the strategy for an organization with over 24 million followers on Twitter alone. Needless to say, he’s been around the block.

In this episode, we talked with Josh about the trends and the types of content that are resonating with the NFL audience and what you should be doing to improve your engagement on social.

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Here are the highlights:

[19:30] Where is the undervalued attention right now on social media?

"Influencers and the way brands are using them. You should be asking yourself 'what is your influencer strategy?' It’s part of the brand's strategy to check that box and it can be very impactful."

[34:02] If we have this conversation in 2023, what do you think the future of social media is? 

"I'm excited about three areas: one, gamification. two, experiential, and three, which might be further off, but blockchain and seeing how that impacts all industries. On the gamification front, what we've seen with HQ is interesting and how that can be applied to sports. Especially, what I will call gamification, the legalization of sports betting in the United States. That will be super interesting to watch how it impacts leagues. HQ is a case study of people tuning in and engaging with a broadcast on mobile. The question is, how will that impact live sporting events?"