How to Strategically Approach Marketing with Industry Pioneer Tina Lloyd


Tina Lloyd, a pioneer of the industry, is the Director of Content Strategy at GolfNow. Prior to that, she was the Director of Social Media for Golf Channel. Her career mission is to connect and grow the game of golf through social media and second screen experiences.

On this episode, Tina breaks down her role and new products in the golf space. She dives into how she approaches marketing, her core beliefs when it comes to social platforms, and how she markets to their different audiences.

Here are the highlights:

[35:25]: What have you seen on the social side of golf when it comes to monetizing your platforms and your different pieces of inventory?


"When it comes to monetization, you can't just put a branded logo on something. Unfortunately, we see this a lot. If you're going to do a branded content piece you should at least do something that will resonate with your fans. We're very fortunate that we're now moving in that direction. It can be tough for us sometimes because a lot of the content advertisers bring to us they've already created. When that happens, our hands are tied to push out the content because we know we're going to make money even though we know it won't do well."

[44:06]: Is there anything you read or follow that you recommend to the audience to help them stay ahead of the curve?


“In terms of the media industry, I subscribe to newsletters from Cynopsis for sports and e-sports. There's so much stuff in the e-sports community that we can learn from. It's a great daily digest where I can understand what my competition is doing."