A Look Inside ESPN's Social Strategy with Kaitee Daley


Kaitee Daley, Sr. Director, ESPN Social, joined the show to talk about running all things social at the worldwide leader in sports and the balance that comes with staying on brand, managing over 40 accounts and overseeing TV Shows, Breaking News, ESPN personalities and Partners. 

Kaitee gives us her take on a variety of topics, including: How to take risks and do things a little differently to make your brand stand out, managing internal feedback, continuing to grow their fanbase and the importance of quality over quantity and not just posting for the sake of posting.

Here are the highlights:

[15:20]: Do Brands Understand Who Their Consumer Is?  


David: “Social touches everybody. Everybody has an opinion of what they would like to see, and why aren’t we doing this or doing that? How do you approach that?”

Kaitee: “ If i’m having a conversation with someone whose in the production department, i’ll ask them how they might feel if I sent an email about what I think should put XYZ in their A block. A lightbulb goes off, and people realize that there’s a science behind what we do.

Social media is so accessible, anyone can have a personal account. Anyone can see that retweet or like number, it does mean there are a lot more of those suggestions and conversations, but you help them understand there’s a reason there’s a department for this. We have everyones best interest at heart while we try and juggle it all!”