Running Social for the College Football Playoff with Katie Cavender


Assistant Director of Communications at the College Football Playoff, Katie Cavender, joined the Business of Social to speak about running all things social for the CFP and what goes into the social strategy for a major sporting event. 

She discusses all of the excitement that comes with managing a "Super Bowl" type event, the shift from prepping for an entire season to a one month window and how great it is to see so many women running social in the sports industry. 

Katie gives her advice of all of the apps and platforms she relies on day-to-day, the importance of having a fluid relationship with partners and overall insight into the industry.

Here are the highlights:

[15:20]: Do Brands Understand Who Their Consumer Is?  


Katie: "I have always been a firm believer that it's important for me as a 30-something that is focused in this area to make sure that I also have around me and on my team folks that speak the language so that I'm not making references from the 80s and 90s”

David: “You need those Cardi B references”

Katie: “Right! Cardi B references, absolutely. So it's important to have that involvement and we've been really fortunate to become such a brand that is reckoned with, that we’re able to hand the keys to the Ferrari to some up and comers, and provide experience for kids to put on their resume”