Instagram is Turning Into the New QVC, with Peter Leeb


Want to learn more about marketing and advertising in the digital age? Peter Leeb has got you covered. He was the VP of Global Brand Marketing at Fox for 8 years, and now is the EVP, Head of Partnerships & Operations at Studio 71.

Peter joined the the show to discuss marketing with modern technology, his core beliefs when it comes to social platforms, and the keys to marketing to different audiences. Is Instagram the 2019 version of QVC? How effective are targeted ads? Are influencer partnerships worth it?

Here are the highlights:

[15:20]: Do Brands Understand Who Their Consumer Is?  


David: “Social and that targeted market has enable people to really know their audience before they go spend all types on money on marketing.”

Peter: “ What Instagram has come out with recently and has been testing for probably 6-12 months, on the commerce engine standpoint, we’re one click away! It’s the 2019 version of QVC. You’re scrolling feeds and you saw that cool jacket, that cool pair of sunglasses and you buy it!

David: “I bought a piece of artwork for my office because I was targeted!”

Peter: "Social has enabled so many brands and talented creators to grow, and it’s a learning experience and you can grow and adjust, where do we place our links? What works? What doesn’t?”