Why You Should Have a Startup Mentality in Social Media with Ken Gibbs, Jr.


Ken Gibbs, Jr. is the Vice President of Digital Video and Social Content at BET Networks. He has over 15+ years of experience in the digital industry and has worked with Essence Magazine, MTV Networks, and TheLoop21.com. For the last 6 years he's been with BET overseeing their social media strategy across all their platforms. 

On this episode, Ken takes us on a tour of his role and experience at BET and why being flexible with your social strategy is extremely important. We talk about his core beliefs at BET, how to maximize social distribution, and the mistakes brands are making.

Here are the highlights:

[20:00]: Are you all playing in the IGTV space and what's your opinion in the early stages?


"We've definitely had our eye on IGTV. We put our first show on there around the BET Awards this year. We put all of our performances there as well. 

For us, we're looking at the value of cropping everything from 16x9 to 9x16. We’ve seen others in the space who are just putting messages in the beginning of their videos saying 'tilt your phone so that you can watch this on a 16x9’. I think ultimately everyone needs to question the ROI.

For us it's the ROI. We put our biggest show of the year on there, the BET Awards, and I think ultimately you need to look at those views. We put some other things on there; I personally haven't seen the traction yet, but we're experimenting."

[44:06]: Other than revenue, how do you measure success on your digital platforms?


Video views and overall engagement. Time spent as well. Video views can be a bit misleading when you're looking at how many of the platforms actually quantify it (3 seconds). While that metric is important, for us as creators, it's really the watch time, too. They need to know if you were genuinely interested in this, which will give us much more insight into the next episode or franchise."