The Evolution of Social Platforms & How to Stay Ahead with Shona Rosenblum

Shona Rosenblum is the co-founder of Grand Slam Social, a boutique social media marketing company that provides expert advice on how to infuse social media into all aspects of a marketing plan. Working as a Social Media Strategist at Breeders' Cup Limited and an Account Executive at Racepoint Global, she climbed her way up the PR and marketing ladder to where she is today!

On this episode, we chatted with Shona about the horse racing industry, how to target different demographics, and how to maximize your social and digital space as it continuously evolves.

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Here are the highlights:

[25:44] Are people starting to understand the importance of digital? Are you beginning to see this industry putting more money into these departments in order to stay ahead of the curve?

“Yes. Definitely and finally. Just over the past couple of years, people are planning for social media as a part of their budget. A lot of people are turned off by not understanding the true ROI. ROI with social media is a boondoggle and people are still trying to figure it out.”

[30:29] What is the one social tool that you can't live without?

"Sprout Social. They are really great. They started out as a social scheduling tool, but they’ve grown and actually acquired or partnered up with Simply Measured, which has led them into the analytics space really well. Great customer service. They have an agency partnership program. Sprout Social is definitely my go to when it comes to trying to manage multiple social media accounts. On that same note of organization, we use a project management tool called Keeping everything organized is one of the biggest parts of my job and making sure everything is running smoothly. helps a lot with that."