How to Maximize Your Branded Content with Meghan Kirsch

The Emmy award-winning, Meghan Kirsch is the Senior Vice President of Marketing and Creative at Viceland. Before Viceland, she worked at A&E Television in their creative and marketing department for over ten years. She is a passionate and inspiring leader who encourages creative risk-taking and nurtures and motivates large teams to defy the odds on a daily basis. She has extensive experience in building brands, best-in-class marketing campaigns, persuasive and inspired creative communication, quality short-form content, and unforgettable brand experiences that drive maximum impact and results.

On this episode, we talk with Meghan about how Viceland has evolved, how to balance and diversify different platforms, and how to make the most out of branded content.

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Here are the highlights:

[8:24] How do you diversify on the different social platforms so you don't put too much in one basket?

"Facebook has the scale, so we're going to be there.  We're also the fastest growing network on Facebook and Instagram. But Instagram to me is the biggest opportunity platform. They've gone from 8 million to 80 million active users in the last 5 years."

[20:38] Where's the undervalued attention on social media?

“Instagram is the place to put your money. It seems to me the place that people are actually enjoying and engaging.  We also use the discover feature at Snapchat, but I wouldn't even bother with that."