The Transition From ESPN To eSports with Neeta Sreekanth

Neeta Sreekanth got her start in the digital and social media world at the Dallas Cowboys. She then transitioned to ESPN working in their social media department as an associate producer and manager for a little over 4 years. Her experiences in social brought her to IGN Entertainment as the Head of Social where she continues to innovate and change the game every day.

In this episode, Neeta talked with us about her transition from ESPN to eSports -- the good, the bad, and the ugly.

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Here are the highlights:

[01:49]: How do you balance speed vs. quality when it comes to capitalizing on a moment? Do you rush to get "the tweet" out or do you take some time to think about the strategy that's going to produce the highest engagement?

"It's tough to balance. I've been guilty of 'let's just get the tweet out!' before. But now, instead of rushing to get something out, we're seeing a shift to the question 'what are you doing to cut through the noise?' It’s the brands that are doing something different that see the highest engagement. It takes more time but if you're able to do something original, that's much better in the long run."

[33:58] Where do you see the undervalued attention right now on digital or social?

"YouTube. I don’t think people pay enough attention to YouTube. That's where people go to consume video.  Not only that... They go to consume long-form video. I view YouTube as the most important social platform right now."

[47:17]:  Are you beginning to tailor content to each specific social platform, or do you think you can still get away with repurposing the same content for multiple platforms?


"It still happens at IGN where we create content and want it to go everywhere. But now, I'm starting to change that by cutting content for social only. If we don't cut it specifically for social, then we'll make a few tweaks so it'll work for those platforms. My goal is to move away from taking a piece of content, putting it everywhere, and checking the box done."