A Look Inside the Evolution of Twitter with TJ Adeshola


TJ Adeshola, Head of US Sports at Twitter, joined the show to discuss all things marketing, best practices that every brand should doing on Twitter and things every brand should STOP doing on Twitter. 

TJ gives his take on where the future of social media is headed, apps/platforms he uses on a daily basis, and general insight into the industry. 

He also discusses how athletes/celebrities/brands can create lifelong fans by engaging with their fans with a simple like or RT. "If you're a young kid in Los Angeles and Kobe Bryant likes your tweet, that kid is automatically a lifelong Kobe fan now!" 

Here are the highlights:

[15:20]: What are the Top 3 Ways Brands Should be Utilizing Twitter?” 


David: “Top 3 things how athletes/brands can leverage twitter for the most success?”


1: Be Authentic. Be you. Be genuine. Don’t try and copy someone else’s style. One of the gifts of twitter is, if people sniff out inauthenticity, they will call you out!

2: Provide a vantage point that folks don’t typically get to see. Maybe you’re a vegan - Why are you a vegan? What do you eat? What are some tips and tricks for people to practice?

3: Connecting with fans. Hitting a like or retweet, having the ability to connect in ways that past athletes didn’t have the ability to do.”