Why Change Is Good In The Digital Industry with Brian Dollenmayer

Brian Dollenmayer is the Chief Marketing Officer at WGN America and spent another 4 years as the EVP of Marketing and Promotion. Before WGN, he was at FOX for 19 years as a creative marketer. When it comes to working in the entertainment industry, Brian’s been there and done that. He specializes in launching branded series with an emphasis on the creative & strategy.

On this episode, we talked with Brian about how change in the digital industry is actually a good thing and what you can do to capitalize on it.

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Here are the highlights:

[6:58]: Now that Facebook has changed their algorithm and it's killed organic reach, are you all-in on the paid media side? Is it that sandbox you have to play in even though it's frustrating at times?

"We love it, a big chunk of our social media budget goes towards paid media on Facebook. What we found is to find a couple posts that are working well and boost them. I’ve talked to some others who are boosting everything just a little bit and then seeing what takes off. Sometimes you just need a little bit of paid media to help something really grow. We still identify what we believe are the three key creative messages and a lot of the times we want to put money behind all three of those just to see what happens."  

[15:51]: What are your thoughts on large conglomerates, like AT&T and Time Warner, merging. Do you think it's the smart thing to do in order to compete with the Netflix's of the world?

"From a business model, at the end of the day, everyone's trying to make money. It's a business, they’re trying to stay profitable. A lot of the networks aren't as profitable as they once were and the mothership knows that. What do we need to do to make sure we're still in business ten years from now? You don't want to close your eyes and say we'll just go down with the sinking ship because this is the way it is."