Why TV Networks Must Adapt To Stay Relevant with Emma May

Emma May is the VP of Marketing at Turner Sports with a focus on the NBA and Bleacher Report Live. When it comes to sports networks, Emma and the Turner organization simply ‘do it right’. Turner is one of the fastest changing TV networks and their not afraid to meet fans where they’re at on digital.

On this episode, we chatted with Emma about marketing and her expertise from a brand's perspective on digital, direct-to-consumer (OTT), and the linear TV business.

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Here are the highlights:

[15:07]: What's your first reaction about IGTV and vertical storytelling overall? Do you think they have a chance to compete with other long-form content platforms like YouTube? 

"It’s really interesting, I've been playing around with it for the last two, three weeks now. IG always performs so well for us from an organic standpoint, but also from a paid standpoint as well. We've seen really, really great results; with stories, carousel, you name it. We're always the first ones to raise our hands to say throw up a paid beta our way.”

[27:43]: How do you split your time between digital, OTT and linear? Is there one area you spend more time in than others?


"The first lane I spend the majority of my time on is the fan. Everybody said, digital first, linear first... No, no, no, no, I'm thinking about what's right for the fan. And I know that sounds a little B.S, but it's true because I really do believe that if you make the right decisions based on what you think the right message is for your fan, that's most important. Secondly, yeah, I'm thinking digital first."

[47:54]: What's the one thing you think brands are not focused on enough?

"Giving the right message every time. I see a lot of miss-message out there. Taking creative risks is important. But there are brands that are clearly missing the mark on messaging"