Industry Leaders Weigh In: Who Was The 2018-19 NBA Social MVP?

2018-19 NBA Social MVP


Social media doesn’t sleep, especially for the NBA and #NBATwitter. Huge shoutout to all 30 NBA social/digital teams that work tirelessly to offer fans relevant, eye-catching content throughout the entire season. Your work rarely gets the recognition it deserves, so here at STN Digital, we wanted to change that.

Each year we hold an anonymous vote to see who is the best NBA team on social. Last year was our second annual ranking, and now it's time to see how things have changed based on last season. This is truly the only peer-to-peer poll in the industry. Here’s how it works:

We select representatives from each NBA team to express their voice for who they think did the best on social media this year.

The poll is divided into two sections. The first section is subjective, who's your Top 3 picks and why? The second section you'll have the opportunity to rate each team on a scale 1 to 5 (1 = not great, 5 = crushed it).

Here’s how the chips fell:


#5 Sacramento Kings

4.30 out of 5 (⇩4Complex Rankings #1)


What Their Peers Said About Them:

“If you come at the Kings, you best not miss. No team has changed the landscape for in-season and off-season coverage like the Kings”

“Always creative, always up on the memes, always entertaining”

“Fun content, able to stay relevant even without a ton of on court success”

“Consistent entertaining voice, consistent brand, quality across the board”

“Most out of the box of all the teams. Different approach that fans connect with”

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#4 Portland Trail Blazers

4.33 out of 5 | (⇧0Complex Rankings #4)


What Their Peers Said About Them:

“Best energy, consistent brand look, great video and photo”

“Solid voice, entertaining beyond their own fan base.”

“Utilized a fan-first approach in their voice, knew what trending conversation to partake in and which to leave behind.”

“Worked extremely hard this year & did a great job at taking advantage of what was given to them”

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#3 Philadelphia 76ers

4.53 out of 5 (⇩1Complex Rankings #2)


What Their Peers Said About Them:

“Always creative, always something new”

“Witty and fun account that continues to impress on the innovation / design front”

“Showed an ability to differentiate their feed from the rest of the league.”

“Philadelphia has always been the complete package of eye-catching visuals, a strong brand/visual identity, and witty creativity when it's appropriate. They've adjusted to becoming a top team accordingly and still are among the league's best.”

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#2 Toronto Raptors 

4.70 out of 5  (⇧9Complex Rankings #11)


What Their Peers Said About Them:

“Clean, creative, took advantage of opportunities IRT with a multimedia mix you only see distributors like BleacherReport have”

“Did a great job capitalizing on success, showcasing strong creative and being nimble.”

“Best branding in the league comes through in everything they do on social.”

“Their social voice and content fit the #WeTheNorth culture seamlessly.”

“Their identity that embraces everything one-of-a-kind about their city and country is probably the best in the NBA. They also have the creative firepower to back it up with unique graphics and in-depth video content like Open Gym.

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#1 Los Angeles Clippers

4.80 out of 5 (⇧5Complex Rankings #6)


What Their Peers Said About Them:

“Their PR and Digital departments are fully aligned, allowing them to take a lively tone of voice and create unique content.”

“They've assembled a complete team that encompasses quality in photo, video, and tone. Strong creative with the right voice is the combination every team strives to reach.”

“Assembled an All Star team dedicated to high quality storytelling.”

“Utilizing top-notch graphics, long-form storytelling and unique and on-time messaging to drive a greatly improved social presence.”

“Best blend of engaging social media content and premium storytelling”

“Constantly adapting, great use of the access they have. Excited to see how they'll elevate their stuff with their new roster”

“Extremely strong video presence and top-notch creative, inserted humor when applicable, and embodied the spirit of the team better than most.”

“Great video content & they do a good job of setting themselves apart”

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Again, a huge shout out to all 30 NBA social/digital teams that work tirelessly throughout the entire off-season, pre-season, regular season, post-season, draft and free agency.

The feedback, quotes, and results of this years Social MVP vote we’re extremely interesting to look at.

The last few seasons you probably could have guessed that on the court one of the following teams was going take home the Larry O’B: Warriors, Rockets, Raptors, Celtics, Sixers and whatever team LeBron is on.

The same could be said off the court for NBA Social, at least in recent memory. The same contenders have consistently been at the top of the charts both on this list and in the Complex Rankings, and this year’s top teams are all familiar faces.

The Kings, Sixers, Blazers, Raptors and Bucks are well oiled content machines, and the data proves that their peers recognize who is at the top of ladder.

And of course, a massive shoutout to the Clippers who not only had the highest overall average score, but also the most combined votes for 1st-3rd place by quite a wide margin. When it comes to the opinions of the folks who run NBA Social, the Clippers are the best in the business.

There’s a lot to be excited about for the 2019-20 NBA Season. Social has never been in a better place than it is right now, the competition and talent levels are at an all time high and seemingly every team has a squad that could make some serious noise.

As far as the arms race that is NBA Social is concerned, we’re very interested to see how a few things will play out in the future:

  • As social continues to grow and bring in more revenue, how will this affect the size of teams’ social/digital departments?

  • Will we start to see teams that have a 20-man social/digital roster?

  • How will teams continue to push the envelope and create new and invigorating content? Is the answer IGTV? Gamification? TikTok?

  • If IG actually goes through with hiding the likes/views on posts, how will that affect how teams use the platform?

A HUGE thank you to all of the teams who took the time to participate in this years NBA Social MVP vote. We received a ton of great feedback and a lot of positive messages towards the voting process and teams/departments recognizing all of the excellent work their peers accomplished over the last year.

-STN Digital

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