Industry Leaders Weigh In: What's the One Social/Marketing Tool You Can't Live Without?

On STN Digital's Business of Social podcast, we talk with industry experts to forge the path for the digital industry. We examine how brands successfully increase their affinity, analyze trends, and formulate strategies to be the guiding light for cutting-edge content in the digital space.

Each episode, we ask our guest for the 1 social tool they could not live without. Here is a breakdown of each guest and their answer:

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Total Votes per Platform:

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CrowdTangle is the #1 answer with 5/18 guests choosing it as the one social tool they can’t live without. Here’s what each guest who answered CrowdTangle said about what makes it so great:

  • Josh Tucker, Sr. Director of Social/Digital at Endeavor:

    • “CrowdTangle is my favorite tool that we use. And it programs and helps us understand the data or things on social that we never knew before.”

  • Neeta Sreekanth, Head of Social at IGN:

    • “CrowdTangle. Easy.”

  • Samantha Wood, Director, Digital and Social, Philadelphia Eagles:

    • “TweetDeck is #1 for me personally, but CrowdTangle is a VERY close second.”

  • Jen Tulicki, Director of Social Media, Chicago Bears:

    • “CrowdTangle is a big one in terms of understanding how our content is performing and how our content is being received. It gives us that competitive analysis that shows us how we stack up”

  • Lyndsay Signor, VP of Consumer Engagement, NBC Sports

    • “I’ve been coming around a lot to CrowdTangle. Now that I’m not in the weeds as much on a day-to-day basis — it really helps me understand how our content is performing. It has really helped me keep an eye on not only everything we’re doing, but it lets me see how our competitors are performing.”

The 2nd most popular platform was Twitter/TweetDeck with 4/18 guests choosing it. Here’s what each guest who answered Twitter/TweetDeck said about what makes it so great:

  • Emma May, VP of Marketing, Turner Sports:

    • “Twitter. It’s for sure Twitter. I love everybody else, but the answer -- it’s just Twitter”

  • Samantha Wood, Director, Digital and Social, Philadelphia Eagles:

    • “TweetDeck. TweetDeck forever. I love TweetDeck. People think that you need like fancy social publishing stuff. And listen, if it works for you, great. But TweetDeck for my money which is no money because it's free, is the best. We were at Twitter a couple months ago, and I literally told them ... they were talking about new stuff that they're going to offer and what do you like, what don't you like. And I raised my hand, I was like, "I already mentioned it all day, but I need to tell you that if you go away from TweetDeck, then we're going to have problems, because I love TweetDeck." So I think that's the single most useful thing in terms of not just like managing Twitter, but just staying up to date on what's going on and what the mentions are and that social listening aspect of it in sort of a frictionless way is so invaluable.”

  • Bryan Pettigrew, CMO, Breeders Cup:

    • “Twitter is the one I use most. Couldn’t live without it.”

  • Matt Tierney, Managing Editor Team Content, Toronto Raptors:

    • “Im not as much in the weeds anymore, but I would say TweetDeck. When I was doing the day-to-day posting scheduling TweetDeck was super helpful - made my job a lot easier”

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