Top Rank: #CrawfordKhan

360 Marketing Campaign


the pitch

With Top Rank Boxing’s first ever ESPN Pay-Per-View fight on the horizon, STN Digital was tasked with developing the 360 Marketing Campaign to take #CrawfordKhan to the next level


Campaign Goals:

  • Define Top Rank as a premier brand in boxing

  • Introduce audiences to ESPN and Top Rank’s first PPV under the partnership

  • Drive awareness and purchases of Crawford V Khan

    • Exceed sales from previous PPV fights

Target Audience:

  • Avid Boxing Fans - seeks to consume any and all information regarding the sport

  • Live Sport Events Enthusiasts - passionate about all things sports, including boxing

  • Spanish Audience - large cultural association with the Hispanic heritage and its role in the sport

  • “Crawford” fan - Urban-American fanbase with close ties to the Crawford ‘backstory’

  • “Khan” fan - for country and for sport, Khan fans pull from deep cultural, geographic + heritage roots


the process

Create a custom marketing plan that speaks to the target audience + achieves Top Rank’s campaign goals


step 1:


STN will develop a campaign narrative to appeal to the target audience and inform fans of the impending battle between the two fighters.

step 2:

strategic framework

Once the narrative is locked in, STN will determine the campaign strategy which include the marketing plan, media partners and more.

step 3:

media plan

In lock-step with Top Rank and media partners, STN will create a detailed media plan to align with the overall campaign strategy and client budget/timelines.

step 4:

look + feel

STN will identify a variety of design trends that match the clients desired look as well as the fight narrative to start creative execution.

step 5:

creative development

Upon approval of the look + feel, STN will create a series of graphics to promote the upcoming fight across all mediums.

step 6:

launch media

30 days prior to fight night, creative will launch in a phased approach to generate awareness. Within the last 2 weeks before fight night, the media plan shifts to focus on PPV buys.


step 7:

on-site production

STN team will provide 24/7 coverage in NYC during fight week to cover all fighter appearances and fight night.

step 8:

post-campaign report

Following the completion of the campaign, STN will complete a detailed report to readout on campaign results.


the work

lead up content

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"Whatever it takes." #CrawfordKhan

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fight night content


the results

Post-fight night, STN worked with media partners and vendors to collect campaign data and reporting across outlets and buys.

traditional media

  • 90+ TV spots running on prime inventory in the top 12 markets

    • Included top NBA playoff games on Turner, MLB, WWE, Champions League and English Premier League Soccer

  • Over 900+ radio spots on 40+ urban stations around the country

    • Inventory included spots in the top rated stations across the country including Power 105 and Hot 97 in NY and Power 106, KDAY, and KRRL (Big Boy’s new home) in LA

  • Such advertising strategically complimented ESPN’s marketing effort to extend the marketing effort outside of the Disney’s reach

social content

  • Overall Instagram content on fight night outperformed internal benchmarks by over 120% looking at interaction rate

  • Led competitors in Interaction Rate, including the NFL during Draft Week and NBA during Playoffs

  • Drove 2x amount of impression volume (vs. #LomaCrolla fight on April 12, 2019)

paid media

  • Overall YouTube & Display media garnered 48% more clicks than planned goal


  • NYC postings garnered over 5MM weekly impressions

  • 2 LA billboards received over 1.5MM weekly impressions

digital partnerships

  • Customized content across major publications resulting in an average of 145% total delivery against goal

  • Bleacher Report’s Social Hype-Tape had 34%+ average higher views that average promoted Facebook Post


For even more information on this project, please reference the full case study here.

Theresa LeBlanc