UFC 211

Social Content + Live Coverage

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the ask

STN was in lockstep with UFC from ideation to execution, mocking up multiple look & feel concepts, creating motion and static graphics optimally sized for social networks, and cutting GIFs and MP4s in real time, as well as reactionary motion graphics and static graphics for UFC 211 and the Summer Kick-Off Press Conference.

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the work

creative development

The partnership began with an all-hands-on-deck conference call to not only finalize the scope of the work, but establish friendly working relationships. Using existing branding, STN’s creative team created two static looks for UFC to approve. Once approved, the static images were animated and delivered as 2:1 and 1:1 MP4 and GIF motion graphics.

STN delivered 192 pieces of pre-created content, including Tune-Ins, Fight Previews, and Winner graphics for each fight. As is customary with STN, there were a handful of ‘bonus’ pieces of content included that we couldn’t help ourselves from creating.


live coverage

During the press conference and fight night, STN had a fully staffed Live Coverage team delivering real-time content, including GIFs, MP4s, motion graphics and static graphics.

Theresa LeBlanc