How To Capture Mobile Content Like A Pro


1. Clean your lens.

We know, it sounds like a no brainer but you would be surprised at how many people don’t do it and how much of a difference it actually makes. Your pictures will be crisper and your subject will be easier to focus on!

2. Adjust and manage your focus.

Not only a skill you should work on in all aspects of your life but also something to incorporate in your photo/video taking.  When taking a photo tap on the screen of your phone to focus on the desired subject. If it is a person tap on their face to put them in focus. If it is a landscape tap on the most desired piece of landscape in the frame.

3. Use the exposure tool to adjust manually.

When taking a photo tap on the screen of your phone to focus on the desired subject. Holding your finger down on the “sun” icon you can manually adjust your exposure by sliding your finger up or down while holding down on the “sun” to make sure you are getting a clear, well lit photo.

4. Arranging the elements in your photo.

The biggest single factor in getting the good, professional looking photo is composition. That applies to any photography, whether it’s on a phone or on a high-end camera. An easy way to do this is by utilizing the “grid” function on your phone (go into Settings, Photos & Camera, then turn the Grid on) to make sure you are abiding by the rule of thirds. With the grid function turned on you position the important elements in your scene at the points where the lines meet/intersect.

5. Shoot from different perspectives.

Shoot from different perspectives. Sometimes a birds eye view is what you need to show off the scale of an event and sometimes you need to get down on the floor and take a photo from a ground up angle.

6. The most important rule to remember…

Don’t be afraid to try different things and break the rules a bit. Practice makes perfect, get out there and take some insta worthy pics!

FREE Apps to take your content to the next level:


You’ve seen the photo booth activations at events with new creative ways to utilize camera angles.  FILM3D is a new way of bringing your photos to life with stunning 3D capture and beautiful, curated filters.

Oct-05-2018 14-47-14.gif

Oct-16-2018 11-04-01.gif

Cinemagraph Pro

The exciting new visual medium that lives between the world of photography and video. Cinemagraphs are composed like a photo, but contain a perfectly looped video motion that captures attention, tells a deeper story, and mesmerizes audiences.



There is nothing more impressive than visiting a brands page that has a well curated/thought out Instagram feed. One way to do this is by selecting and consistently using pre-set filters that are used for every post so everything has the same look and feel. Download VSCO to create your own that aligns with your brand.






Download Lightroom immediately. Capture, edit, organize, store, share.  Professional photo editing - change contrast, brightness and more. You can quickly edit and take high quality photos right from your phone.


Add text to photos, edit beautiful visual templates. Need a quick template for a polished Instastory look? Or just a generic graphic to quickly announce something? Download Over and utilize their free templates that makes you look like you have a team of graphic designers at your fingertips.

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Add animated text to a photo or just blank template. Have a quote graphic that needs to get out and have some motion to give it that extra wow factor? Download Legend which has pre-made templates/fonts/motion for you to use on the go! Export as video or GIF.


Sam Howard