Social Platform Updates and Changes 6/24

Platform Updates and Changes

Week of 6/24


TikTok & Facebook were the highest app downloads in May. With Snapchat surprisingly coming in third...

Even though Facebook USAGE seems to be down across the  board, user acquisition globally still continues to be strong.

Facebook's expansion is largely coming from its reach into more markets, while user counts in North America and Europe, where the platform is well established, have, somewhat logically slowed down.

Snapchat seeing increasingly higher downloads after the release of the new filters which led to a significant spike in May.

Screen Shot 2019-06-25 at 2.50.33 PM.png

Instagram ALSO rolls out “Vine-Like” Stopmotion Camera Mode for Stories

“In the end, you have a cool looking little video clip - you could use it to capture your products and show every angle, or get even more creative with shots of a person, simulating movement, or action figures playing out a scene.

At present, according to Wong, the process only allows up to 10 frames, which sounds restrictive, but then again, the sample clip above is only five frames in length. You may well be able to add more, if and when it's officially released. But even at small scale, it provides new options to consider.

And it could prove to be a great replacement for actual video content. As noted, by shooting in stop-motion, you can create video Stories without having to actually create any video.


Instagram rolls out small, but useful, stories tweak

Any content you capture via the Instagram Stories camera will now be kept on hand for posting any time for the preceding week.

"Take as many photos and videos as you like, then post your favorites later"


In other Instagram news, they are sliding into the  DMs… with suggestions for you (people to follow)


Under some posts sent through Instagram direct messaging, a "Suggestions for You" panel will load  featuring related accounts, Instagram confirmed to Mashable. 

Recently, Facebook announced that it would begin merging the architecture behind its three discrete messaging platforms: Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram DM. 

As Mark Zuckerberg highlighted in his recent F8 developer conference keynote, Facebook is going all in on direct messaging (and "privacy") as the future of its platform…


And now onto to random digital/advertising/marketing related news...


YouTube is using AR to let you try on makeup with influencers


Google announced Tuesday that this summer, YouTuber viewers will be able to try on products featured in makeup tutorials with the help of AR Beauty Try-On, while the tutorial is playing.

Through YouTube's in-house branded content platform FameBit, which first partnered with the makeup brand MAC, influencers can up their ad game with interactive augmented reality products. 

But YouTube's new tool goes beyond just sampling products — it opens the door for unexplored sponsorship opportunities for brands and influencers alike.

Not entirely “social” related but Facebook is building a centralized bank.

Facebook has officially announced Libra, a stablecoin backed by a basket of fiat currencies. Additionally, Facebook will be launching Calibra in 2020, a cryptocurrency wallet. This move comes months after rumors about Facebook working on a blockchain project. With big name partners, lots of funding, and Facebook's 2B+ users, this has huge potential to change the global monetary system. 


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