Social Platform Updates and Changes 7/22

Social Platform Updates and Changes

Week of 7/22

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Instagram is Officially Testing Hiding Likes and Video Views in Select Countries

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Influencers, beware! Instagram is testing hiding views/likes to try and only allowing the users to see the likes/views themselves. Why? To make more money! By hiding “artificial” self esteem boosters, such as like count, they hope to encourage users to “spend more time with the content” which equivalates into being on the platform more


Twitter's rolling out another version, using icons instead of words to delineate conversational contributors.

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The microphone icon highlights the author of the original tweet. The @ symbol is applied to anyone tagged within the original. And the symbol of the person with a tick signifies that this is someone you follow

YouTube stars are using Instagram’s IGTV as a testbed

After the roll out of IGTV, assumptions arose surrounding the “competition” between the long form video streaming platforms - however some influencers are leveraging the platforms in different ways.

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Facebook is changing Ad Formats (Text & Aspect Ratio)

Fewer lines of primary text will show on mobile News Feed. Now only 3 lines of primary text will show on Facebook mobile News Feed, after which people will be prompted to click to view additional text.

Maximum media height for photos and videos will reduce to 4:5 on mobile News Feed. The tallest supported aspect ratio for images without links and for videos is now vertical (4:5). Media taller than 4:5 will be masked on Facebook mobile News Feed.

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Social Media Today listed out the 9 types of content to avoid posting, they are as follows:

1. Overly promotional content

2. Political or religious content

3. Irrelevant viral posts

4. Negative or derogatory content

5. Posts with spelling or grammatical errors

6. Brand-inconsistent content

7. The same message across social networks

8. Unaccredited content

9. Hashtag-stuffed content

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