Social Platform Updates and Changes 10/7

Week of 10/7

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Launching a new product? New Instagram tests launch day ‘Buy on Instagram’ reminders

Aimed at giving brands tools to build excitement around upcoming products their fans will be able to buy on the platform. Users can opt in to get reminders to buy the products on Instagram when they’re released.

Product launch tag. A “Set Reminder” call to action is available in posts to allow users to set reminders for the launch date and time and preview product details in Instagram. Users will then get a reminder on their phones just ahead of the launch.

Product launch sticker. A new sticker is also available in Stories, as shown on the left in the example above.

Snapchat extends video ads to 3 minutes, adds new features, Goal-Based Bidding

  • Swipe-up feature for Commercials. Snap’s six-second non-skippable Commercials were introduced as video-only ads, with no interactive features attached. The company has now made it possible for users to swipe-up on these ad units — same as its other ad formats — launching either a web view, long-form video or camera attachment.

  • Goal-Based Bidding to optimize for 15-second video views.


Twitter's Testing a New Option to 'Stream' Tweets in Real-Time

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“In a conversation with Gary Vaynerchuk of VaynerMedia, Chandlee tried to argue that while TikTok gets bucketed in with other social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, it’s more a platform to watch and engage with content than to connect with friends and family”.

Will Kelly