Social Platform Updates and Changes 10/14

Week of 10/14

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Adidas has launched a new, interactive campaign on Snapchat which, for the first time, will enable users to purchase a product via a game in the app.

Instagram Provides New Stats

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Easy access to app's various Stories tools - including GIFs, Countdown Stickers and Polls (from main function bar). The biggest change is the addition of a new 'Create' mode, which replaces the existing 'Type' option. In 'Create', you'll be able to find all the various creative tools available, as opposed to having to add them through Stickers or other forms.

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Everything you need to know about Firework, the TikTok competitor Google wants to buy

Firework is different because it employs both vertical and horizontal perspectives in a single seamless video with a "reveal" feature.

Users watch part of the video in vertical mode, then turn their phone to "reveal" the rest of the scene for a surprise or twist ending. Firework's 30-second videos are twice as long as TikTok's standard 15-second videos. To fend off the trolls, Firework doesn't let viewers "like" videos or leave comments -- it only lets them bookmark and share videos.

Will Kelly