Social Platform Updates and Changes 11/4

Week of 11/4


Removal of 10-Second Video Views, Cost per 10-Second Video View and Unique 10-Second Video Views - Replaced by ThruPlay

Facebook to limit number of ads Pages can run simultaneously

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Facebook announced on Thursday that it will be implementing a limit on the number of ads a Page can run at the same time. To prepare advertisers for the limitations, coming mid-next year, the company is releasing a new version of its Marketing API that includes an Ad Volume API to show the volume of ads running or in review in an ad account.

Facebook ad impressions rise, driven by News Feed, Instagram Stories and Feed ads

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Facebook this week reported a 37% increase in ad impressions compared to this time last year and 6% decline in ad costs. The growth in ad impressions were driven primarily by Facebook News Feed Ads, Instagram Stories Ads and Instagram Feed Ads, said Facebook CFO David Wehner during the company’s third quarter earnings call.

Tech platforms like Facebook and Twitter cool interest in broadcasting live sports

“Over-the-top players like Amazon Prime, Disney and Dazn are in the ascendancy but, when it comes to sports rights, they’re competing with an industry in linear TV that’s arguably in a tailspin for a product that’s arguably at a lifetime peak in cost.”

The 2020 election ignites a new debate: Does political advertising belong on platforms?


Pinterest Officially Announces New Pin Format Release

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